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FRP Silencer cover Carbon Fibre 100 %

Used by 14 out of 16 Grand Prix Riders in 2013 season

For King Silencers Speedway,Ice Speedway,Grass Track & Long Track

500cc,350cc & 250cc

Order been taken now for 2013 season

New Rule FIM & SCB 2013

FRP Exhaust pipe cover Carbon Fibre 100 %

STOP Burning the Kevlar's & Boots

Fits all exhaust pipes from 250cc,350cc & 500cc

5 minutes to fit

NOW you can buy online with Google checkout or Phone and pay by credit card

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union flag Pictures, Images and Photos






Cut-outs standard & new FIM regulation Cut-out


Cut-outs standard

To be wired to earth-out current supply available in colours below Red,Blue,Yellow and Black


NEW type Cut-outs

SCB & FIM regulations cut-out wired to break current supply to meet SCB & FIM regulation



NEWS from the 1st June 2009 it is mandatory that all events held under SCB regulations

will have to use the new style cut outs for wiring instructions

click here


please ring or e-mail

Mobile 07738 289566 / Landline 01782 776495

e mail

Also can be used in all Official FIM events in 2009

The brand new cut-out is here!

Available in waterproof and non-waterproof versions.

Exclusive to Foxy Race Products

Waterproof speedway cut-out


Non-waterproof versions
Below cut out kit complete with gold plated bullet connecters & 2 wire 125cm long
Below cut out only

Below wire kit with gold bullet connectors for

INTERSPAN ignition,SELETTRA ignition & PVL .

2 wires 125cm long with protective cover

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